Willow Workshops December 2014 – March 2015

Festive Willow    Tuesday 2nd and 16th December 1-4pm

Make a selection of festive willow decorations, including a table decoration. Decorated hanging star and little items for hanging on the tree. This is a great opportunity to bring lots of woodland plants and their beauty into your home at Christmas. Join us for one or both  sessions.   Cost £15 per session Booking essential  mob 07964530436 or email jules87@btinternet.com for a booking form

BilberryMake a Finnish Bilberry basket     Wed 14th January 10-3pm

Basketry has many forms inspired by local need and available materials. The Bilberry basket was traditionally made in Finland over 50 years ago to hold freshly picked berries. It is made upside down starting with a hoop and requires simple techniques. Suitable for beginners but some experience with willow and using a small knife is helpful. Cost £25 Booking essential 07964530436 or email jules87@btinternet.com for a booking form


Repair and Care of old Baskets     23rd January 1-4pm

basketpics2 022

Bring in your old and loved basket, in this session we can replace broken bow or twisted side handles. Showing you also how to wash and nourish the old willow. Cost £15 Booking essential  07964530436 or email jules87@btinternet.com for a booking form

Frame Basketry

DSCF1824Fridays 6th, 13th & 20th February (3 sessions) 1-4pm  

A frame basket uses a hoop and ribs as a structure to weave through to create an age old collection vessel for fruit, eggs or vegetables. It is easy to create beautiful shapes and textures from local woods and hedgerows. Three sessions will allow you to make a hoop and ribs setting them to shape. The following weeks will give you time to take a walk to collect and identify hedgerow plants for weaving and weave your own basket. £40 per person if booking all three sessions, one session £15 (plus small material cost).  Booking essential  07964530436 or email jules87@btinternet.com for a booking form

IMG_0002Irish Donkey Creel   Fri 6th, 13th 20th  March  (3 sessions) 1-4pm 

Learn how to make a creel, a traditional country basket. Creels were carried by donkeys or people in Ireland and Wales where they would be used to transport peat, seaweed or goods to market. Some of the ancient weaves are also used in the making of traditional lobster pots.

These are very strong baskets and today, creels are a useful container for logs and some people use them as bike baskets.3 Sessions  £45 per person (plus small material cost).  Booking essential  07964530436 or email jules87@btinternet.com for a booking form

bushmoot 035

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